Programs designed for schools and high schools.
We have an interdisciplinary team to serve groups in a pleasant environment with support material.
We work on environmental education and reinforcement of topics studied in school

Field Trip - All Ages

Includes: Educational talks, development of research projects, experiments and demonstration models, nature journeys and many learning dynamics.
Plus: nutritious snack or lunch and surprise gift.

Fields of Study

Climate Change

Guanacaste is experiencing extreme scenerios in the dry season and the rainy season. How does that affect us and what can we do?

Hydrographic Basins and Water

How does the water move over the earth's surface? Come and find out! Our work is focused on the protection and restoration of watersheds.

Solid Waste Management

Everything together is just garbage. If we can separate recycling and organic we can make a big difference in our lives. Learn a litte more about how to treat your waste!

Forest Fires

Santa Cruz is the county with the highest incidence of forest fires. A better future for Guanacaste depends on our culture of water protection.

Tropical Dry Forest Fauna

All the animals that live on our planet have a function and we must learn to respect all of them. At this station you can explore the snakes that inhabit Guanacaste.

Tropical Dry Forest

One of the most beautiful treasures and one that is threatened with disappearing. Learn more about how vegetation regulates the climate.

Erosion Control

What is erosion? Why is it important to know about this? Erosion can be translated to a loss of fertile soil. Learn more and you will better understand the dynamics under the ground.