How to Prepare to Control a Fire:

Most people only worry about wildfires when they see it near their home, they get scared and seek to act. Perhaps this moment will be decisive and our experience with fire will completely change, perhaps it will be an opportunity for us to carry out more preventive actions.

In areas close to our houses or streets we can extend hoses and use water to fight the fire or to lower the temperature of the green areas.

In sites with difficult access or far from water sources, we must use other strategies. To control forest fires in Guanacaste, it is recommended to remove dry vegetation or dry organic matter in the path of the fire. Making lines of defense in strategic areas, for example, streets, property limits, rivers or streams, areas with rocks.

Defense lines are areas without flammable material that allow the fire to be isolated, thus the fire has no more food to continue burning.

In the event of a fire near your home, do not hesitate to call 9-1-1, the emergency line. You must say your name, your location and provide the best information so that the Costa Rican Firefighters can reach you easily.

If you see a wildfire anywhere, please report it to 9-1-1, you should try to stay on site until the fire department arrives or watch for a call from them.

There are also many local brigades, you can contact them.

Fire Emergency Whatsapp

In the Nandamojo River basin area, we have a community chat on Whatsapp where people from the community support each other through reports and we can seek/receive help in case of emergencies. To be part of this chat, you can send a message to +506 88635952.