The Fire Triangle

The fire triangle represents the elements necessary for combustion: air (oxygen), a source of heat, and fuel.


can be a spark, for example, a cigarette thrown on the side of the street, a spark produced by the rubbing of two reeds, a spark produced through glass, a spark from wires electrical etc


is all organic matter, for example: dry trees, trunks, branches, dry leaves, and living plants or animals. Anything that can burn.

How to break the triangle of fire?

1. Eliminating fuel: Remove organic matter, make firebreaks, keep property boundaries free of organic matter.

2. Eliminating the air: Throw earth on the fire.

3. Eliminating heat: Cooling with water.

Forest firefighters cannot use water all the time because it is too heavy to transport it in the mountains, so they use the other two techniques, removing the fuel or removing the oxygen.