Fire Safety and Protection

If you are going to support a wildland fire crew or become part of a fire control crew, we want to be able to provide you with the basic knowledge so that you can participate and stay safe and sound.

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the most important element is the footwear. Shoes with natural or heat resistant soles must be worn. Never enter a fire wearing sneakers, sandals, or steel-toed shoes. The required shoes must be made of leather, with laces made of natural materials, have no metal parts, and have a natural or special cooked sole for heat.


 try to cover all your skin even if you are feeling very hot. Thick fabric pants, cotton or natural fiber t-shirt, jacket or long-sleeved shirt made of natural material, leather or fabric gloves, face shield made of natural material, helmet, neck or neck scarves, cotton socks. It is important to avoid plastic materials in clothing.


You can use machetes, rakes, shovels, hoes, chainsaw, blower, motor pumps, back pumps, lawn mowers. Remember to handle the tools carefully, keep your distance when several colleagues are working, keep the tools in good condition and ask for help when we don't know the use of one.


You must keep your body healthy and strong, so a gallon of water will be a necessary approximation of how much is needed for a day. Eating sugars and salts also helps us replenish what is lost, homemade serum or pharmacy serums are ideal, as well as eating watermelon and drinking citrus juices. Even if you are very hot, a jacket or long-sleeved shirt will help protect you.

NEVER go into a fire alone!

As prepared and confident as you feel, please avoid going into a fire alone. At least try to accompany a group or form a group to enter. Inside the fire zone, stick together and be aware of everyone's location.