Forest fires are caused 99.99% of the time by human beings, negligence, recklessness, or bad practices.

We can stay safe if everyone does their part.


Avoid throwing cigarette butts on the roads as well as garbage such as plastic or glass, this can be the start of a forest fire.

Appreciate Organic Matter

Avoid burning organic waste. This can help reduce pollution, heat in the environment and stop being an example of burning for others. If we appreciate organic matter, we can make compost and create richer and healthier soils. With the burning we only reduce the life of the soil, we make it inert and dead.

Buffer Zones:

A barrier created between a building on your property and surrounding grass, trees, shrubs, or any wilderness areas. This space is necessary to slow or stop the spread of wildfires and helps protect your home from igniting, whether from embers, direct contact with flames, or radiant heat. Adequate defensible space also provides firefighters with a safe area to work and defend your home.

The materials we use to build are also a measure. Houses made of metal and concrete have a low probability of wildfires. Avoid having flammable materials around your house, keep canoes clean, remove dry leaves around your house